memories get moldy in the basement

by richie chamberlain

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wisdom teeth got removed and some blues set in. many nights were spent contently alone thriving in discontent. demos were being recorded for a possible future project. memories get moldy in the basement is a collection of moments of uncertainty or certainty during early stages of songwriting that find themselves in some way or another in the form of a song. many of these recordings are the first and only performances of that particular song. take it as you will. some of these songs might touch you while others could possibly rub you the wrong way.


released December 14, 2007

richie chamberlain



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


richie chamberlain Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: contagious/infected
if it's contagious to love you then i must be infected with your love. it's a lot of love.
Track Name: milwaukee's best ice blues
all i am is part of a man, who used to work but is now broken. all that i see is what my eyes give to me and all that is is rats, shit, and pee.
all i do is sit around all confused, about all the times that i felt used. and now i'm just so sick and tired, from all of the events that have transpired.
Track Name: elaan
oh elaan, oh elaan, you just can't be so far gone. cuz i've been around now for about a minute or two.
and oh, i know what's keeping you awake.
and oh, i know when you're about to break.
Track Name: slightly suffering from the wisdom teeth removal blues
protein, i need my protein, i need my protein.
i need my baby, mmmmm i need my baby, i need my baby.

cuz oh, ya know she don't like to see me down.
and oh, ya know my face is big and she won't be comin' around.
she's not comin', no she's not comin' around.

i need my protein, i need my pills, i need my fills.
i need my sugar, i need my honey, i need my darlin'.

cuz oh, ya know i really don't feel all that alone.
and oh, ya know the elephant on the ceiling i'll call joan. pink and purple with wings, awww hell.

i need my family, i need my friends, i need my solace, i need my space.
i need my baby, i need my sunlight, i need my sugar, i need my girl.

cuz oh, ya know she's existing peacefully in my mind.
and oh, ya know i'll see a sign and finally unwind.
Track Name: pain killers
i'm addicted to pain when i get the killers.
i'm a pain in the ass to listen to when i whine.
Track Name: you can't fix a broken heart
love is pure it comes from above.
hate is sore it comes from under the floor.
love some day it will pass.
take advice it happens so fast

no, you can't fix a broken heart.
no, if you try it'll fall apart.

i guess you took away gods gift.
it's not your fault you were just a kid.
oh, would you just look pass...
how we fell in love so fast.
Track Name: are they staying?
are the demons leaving?
are they staying?
i need to know if they are leaving.
are they staying too close?

cause if they're leaving maybe i can find some peace and quiet.
Track Name: arkansas
drove us through arkansas on our way to the shore.
never should have taken the wheel.
cause i can't drive if no one's right reclined on the passenger side.
"license and registration please"
did i know how fast i was going?

no. bad drugs and heartaches
oh, self medicate.
cause i'm no doctor and i got no cure
and i sure as hell can't drive us home
or me away alone.

i'm just as lost as i used to was.
never embarrassed no i never was.
to ask directions to the next stop,
can you tell me how to get home from here.
Track Name: mountains of west virginia
mountains of west virginia, i sold my soul.
i didn't like it, i thought it was getting old.
on top of the peak, thought i was settin' free.
at that point i realized how much it meant to me.

the mountains of west virginia, thought i found peace.
i didn't like it, all my good had been released.
on top of the peak, realized it was half of me.
at that point i realized just how much it meant to me.

we, we are free. we are free. we, we are free to believe.
Track Name: jesus is a stranger
i can't give myself to jesus,
because i don't know just what he looks like.
therefore making him a stranger,
and we all know what we were taught in grade school.

i also don't know if i should relate
the snakes in my dreams to satan.
either way, i'm still scared
shitless of snakes.
Track Name: passer bye
if you find me to be lost in the woods,
please just be a passer by.
nobody needs a hero who does deeds of good,
and it is not that i want to die.

if i'm to be saved it'll be by myself.
give me a crutch and i'm bound to break.
so lets close our eyes and pretend its all fake.
just a bit longer til we finally wake

i doubt that i'm bold,
and i doubt that i'm strong.
i'm usually always right,
and very rarely wrong.

so, if you find me to be lost in the woods,
please just be a passer bye.
Track Name: dusty road
we was walkin' down that old dusty road
as my foot hover over a toad.
and he said,
"hey man, whatcha doin?. you're all messed up and your heads off its pin."
and i said,
"hey what are you doin' too when i cry? it feels worse than i imagine i die."
and he said,
"hey man, whatcha doin' that for? you just need a young whore."
and i said,
"that's not what i'm all about. i need a lady who i can talk about to my friends and make myself look good. they wouldn't mind, they'd have her if they could."

one of my biggest problems, i can't share.
i don't like to and i never will.
i learned when i was young
take what you can, soon it'll be done.

and he said,
"take it man, this one's not for me anyway, it's for you"
and i said,
"you're a liar that one was mine anyway. why do people hide when they realize what they're givin' away?"
Track Name: feel
people think my time will rhyme,
with me bein' out of my mind.
part of me wants to agree,
and that's very easy to see.

so could ya feel me please.
did somebody cut the cheese?
so just burn me alive,
if you won't survive.

is this what it's like to feel?
feel, feel, feel.
feel, feel, feel.

my friends all think i'm deserving,
they'd rather just be observing.
my skin bubble and burst,
as i scream the worst.

so now that i'm long dead,
and that being said.
i can no longer feel
anything that's quite real.

is this, is this what it's like?
is this what it's not like to feel anything quite real?

the shadow's dancin' on
everything's hurtin' 'round
at least, least it'll fade
when the sun goes down
Track Name: can't stand bein' apart
put some novocaine on my weeping heart,
i can't stand bein' apart.
it's like i sit all constipated,
when you've already been liberated.

i dont want to be that guy...
who always says thst he wants to die.

that's usually what it takes,
to get attention from you.
Track Name: if i fall(when i'm high)
in the trash can is an empty bottle
to obtain it i had to walk for several miles
now once i'm done with the shit i just bought
i'm lost forever wandering in thought

have i told you all about yesterday?
how i gathered all my dreams and threw 'em all away
now i'm so bored i don't know what to do
something keeps telling me to sniff glue

cuz then i'll be high, yeah then i'll be high
if i fall, when i'm high
it'll hurt more than if i'm low

now i'm alone at not a thing to do
there's a stack of books i don't wanna look through
maybe i just need something to claim as mine
it will finally occupy all my time

and then i'll be high, yeah then i'll be high
but if i fall, when i'm high
it'll hurt much more than if i'm low
if i am high, when i fall
it'll hurt much more than if i'm low
Track Name: song for collingswood
i rest my case...
can you imagine?